The evolution of Mellow is comprised of many challenges that our customers place on us. 

Technology and experience enable us to suceed in dealing with them.

A wide range of products and tools - our platforms allow us to take up challenges regardless of whether you are an artist, corporation or a freelancer. We are convinced that everyone will find a product to suit their needs. Our employees are available to you  to offer the best and most cost efficient solutions.


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References we have received from our customers are the best recommendation and confirmation of our company's vision and identity.


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Qualified staff, modern technologies and software for company management ensure high level of automation and full control of the production process. The MIS system collects and analyzes the data in the interest of efficient and error-free operation of all stages of work. These are factors that make cooperation transparent and of a high standard, while keeping the prices very competitive. See for yourself!

The concept behind the creation of Mellow was to create a company that would be a marketing department with production facilities for companies that want to outsource tasks to specialists and have a guarantee of their timely and quality implementation.


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Today our capital group  can produce – print materials on all substrates in any available formats. The group employs a total of 180 people.

In 2001, the owner and at the same time the president of the company expanded an advertising agency with a production department. We were the first in the region to invest in modern technology and from that time the entire development of the company was based on meeting the needs of customers.


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We believe that thanks to a team of people who love their work and carry it out with passion, customers stay with us for years

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