Our platforms

Our portals for ordering and managing our services are unique tools dedicated to each customer.

We provide software that actually reduces the designing, ordering and logistics costs. Give us 15 minutes and we will convince you that not only large corporations can use such tools.




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See a short presentation that will show you the great possibilities of the portal.

Our customers obtain free access to it.

Presentation and link to http://mellowbusiness.pl/platforma/

This platform is dedicated to and used by our customers - both large corporations and smaller companies.



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Thanks to its simple operation, you can quickly and independently design your materials and place an order online.

You can also use our ready templates that will make it easier for you.

This portal is used by small companies and individuals. It enables them to design and order simple marketing materials.



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A whole range of products that can be seen on this website may inspire you to create original materials intended for your customer.

A tool designed mainly for professional photographers, however…



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We used it to produce calendars, albums, cards, and photos for individual customers. You can create your dedicated website with a marketing campaign, competition or gadget for your customer.

The only limit is your imagination.

An editor that gives your company huge opportunities.


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Our portals allow our clients to: shorten order processing, monitor and economise it. Our editors and dedicated portals have broadened their portfolio of services.

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