Technology changes so fast these days, it’s hard to keep up with it. We do our best to face this challenge, though.

Proper and skillful selection of devices in combination with many years of experience of the Mellow team makes us able to print almost every material today, almost in any quantity.

21st century technology allows us to print even one book, poster, painting or album.

We can enrich the materials (gilding, embossing, varnish). We can personalise them and wrap them in the packaging with your graphics or engrave them. The range of bases on which we print is unlimited today. It can be paper, plastic wrap, PVC, glass, wood, etc. All this is done with the highest available resolution (indistinguishable from the standard offset technology).

Technology known for ages. Today, improved with regard to the printing quality and speed.

Our machinery park enables printing up to B1 format with a yield of 15,000 sheets per hour on each machine. We can print on paper and cardboard bases up to a thickness of 1.2 mm.

In the near future we will complete the installation of a machine enabling us to print in LED/UV technology on non-absorbent bases (PVC, plastic wrap, IML).

Large Format
Our devices enable us to offer large format printouts on flat and roll materials.

Thanks to many devices, we can print on banners (frontlit, backlit, blockout), mesh nets, self-adhesive films (monomeric, polymer, poured, for highlighting), papers (billboard bbs, citylights, photographic) and textiles (flags, proportions). The range of hard bases is: PVC, PP, Dibond, Kappa, PMMA, cardboard, as well as hips or foam boards.

All of the above materials, regardless of technology, can be enriched and finished in a variety of ways.

In addition to standard equipment for the production of all kinds of marketing materials, packaging, banners or flags, we also have solutions that will make your product stand out. Their uniqueness and scale can only be shown “live”.

Technical Guidelines
If you want to be sure that the design meets your expectations, your graphic artist must be familiar with the rules of preparing materials for printing. Check the Technical Guidelines

In our specifications, we remind you of the strict rules and procedures that must be followed to guarantee top quality of your product. The use of cutting edge technologies (printing machines) is 50% of success. The second 50% is proper preparation of the project. Thanks to the software we have, we are able to help you detect errors. It has helped us build the trust of our customers.

"Thanks to our customers, our machinery park and production possibilities are so wide today".

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